This is what our roads look like.  A layer of ice, under a layer of snow, turned to slush under the tires of passing vehicles, refrozen… We don’t salt or sand in our neck of the woods, and the snowplows only come out if there’s actually something to plow, so… we slip and slide. But […]


My mom sent us a generous Christmas gift, and we have been using it to fill up the children’s Family Fun experiences.  (That’s one of our budget categories, but we only budget our loose change. 🙂 )  The big kids have gone to see Star Wars, and the whole family went bowling yesterday.  We have […]

Flexible and Optional Expenses

Two things which are actually necessities, but which I don’t budget as such, are groceries and clothing.  You see, it’s easier to justify overspending in these categories if we consider them in the same class as the mortgage, but these expenses are both functions of our values. A little story?  Delaney and I were at […]

6/365 Winter School

Our school room is unheated, except for these two kerosene heaters, so each morning, when I light them up, we’re starting pretty much from outdoor temps and hoping to get to comfy by school time.  It was 18° this morning, and while those heaters did a great job warming the place up, it was still […]

4/365 Evie Feeds The Cats

I don’t know why she was looking so spacey, but she had a great time in the barn tonight.  We’ve had a cold going around – sore throat, stuffy head, even dizziness, toward the end – and I figured Evie could use the fresh air to help her kick this cold.  So out she came! […]

High Priority Expenses

Now for the nitty-gritty aspects of budgeting. First, you need to know how much you have coming in, so list all of your income sources. If you get paid regularly, that should be a piece of cake; if you work in a field with a more sporadic or seasonal pay schedule, you’re going to need […]

Fan Club

We were out and about earlier in the week and Aerosmith’s I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing came on over a store radio.  Meggie tapped me on the shoulder.  “He doesn’t sing this nearly as well as you do,” she said with a smile. That happens to me all the time, random people coming […]