22/365 On a Snowy Day

bw 8x10 penny king and IIt is snowing heavily here today.  I wasn’t feeling well last night and this morning, so I took what turned out to be a very restorative nap as soon as the morning round of chores was completed.  Isn’t it funny what poor sleep will do to the body?  Now, we’re watching a movie, a Christmas gift, the King and I, for the very first time.  Well, it’s the first time for some of us.  Others of us are quite fond of the film and have seen it many times over.  (That would be me!)

Delaney worked last night and told me the grocery store next door was completely wiped out.  There were no carts available, in the lot or inside, and the checkout line snaked through the aisles in what she humorously calls the “French Toast Panic”, because what else do you make out of milk, eggs and bread?

Once upon a time, we lived in Illinois, on the North Shore of Lake Michigan, and there was a terrible storm due in that night.  My good neighbor knocked on the door.  “I’m going to the store for last minute groceries.  Do you need anything?” he asked.

I thought over my supplies.  I’d been shopping three days before, so we had fresh supplies of perishables.  The pantry was well stocked with canned goods and baking things.  “No, I think we’re good,” I said.  “Thank you so much for asking!”

He raised his eyebrows.  “You don’t need anything?!”

I shook my head slowly.  “Nope… nothing.”  And off he went into the darkness, to brave the storm-maddened crowds at the grocery.


I have always remembered his kindness in thinking of us.  David was a recruiter and didn’t get home till quite late, and I had four small children, so this was no small gesture to me.  But I have also always remembered the value of having a well-stocked pantry, and of knowing how to bake bread!

And, of course, nowadays, fresh milk comes in pretty steady supply from the barn, and eggs from beneath a warm hen.  🙂

Bring on the weather.  Happy snow days, my friends!

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  1. Haha! We were just talking about french toast and snowstorms. We live in the greater Cincinnati area, where folks PANIC at the thought of the White Death coming. My husband, from Chicago, doesn’t get it, and though I grew up out here, for some reason it doesn’t phase me either. I was cracking up last Sunday while in the line at our small-town butcher shop. It was snowing gently outside. The meat counter line goes past the egg cooler when it’s long, and every single one of the six people in front of me sized up the eggs and chose a carton while in line. Comments about “grabbing some eggs” because of the snow were traded around, and one lady made her husband hold their place while she went to procure some bread and milk, too. What about syrup, though? I guess most folks already have some? I don’t know. I just wonder, when there is snow in the forecast, what percentage of Cincinnati household menus feature french toast the next day. People are so funny, aren’t they?

    1. They sure are! And I was wondering about the syrup, too, though my husband eating his French toast with cinnamon sugar, so maybe syrup is unnecessary. 🙂

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