14/365 Apples And Evie

14.365owlOne of Davey’s cousins gave us this bowl for our wedding, some months after the fact.  We were already living in Colorado, and she was out there vacationing with her family.  She picked it up at a shop in Denver and told us we could exchange it if we didn’t like it.  Davey thought for sure I’d want to take it back; most everything I’d ever owned up until this point was some sort of mix-and-match neutral.  Oh, but I was head over heels in love with the colors!  I’ve been a big fan of bright, bold colors ever since. 🙂

14.365eviemomoThis girl.  She’s got an insatiable appetite for books!  Every night, I read aloud to them.  Board books.  Picture books.  Novels.  And then we say our prayers together, and then Evie brings me just one more book.  I read it to her, of course, because she’s irresistible.  And then: “No more stories tonight,” I say, but she gets another one anyway and climbs into my lap.

She knows she’s got me wrapped around her finger.  I sigh.  “Okay, but only because you’re cute.  But this is the last one!” She smiles and snuggles in, and I read.

And then? She brings me another! “I’m not reading you any more stories tonight!” I say, determined to stand my ground this time, and I set the book aside.

She eyes it for a moment, then, assuming I don’t like that one, she gets a different book. “Only because you cute, Mama,” she says, climbing back into my lap.

And I guess you know what happens after that!


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  1. Beckie R. says:

    I’m laughing because I can picture it! And your fruit looks beautiful in that bowl!

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