What a Week!

This was one of those weeks when doing what I needed to do didn’t leave any extra room for things I wanted to do. So no writing, and very little photography. But let’s talk washing machines, shall we?  That has been the most trying issue of the week. I have a lot of laundry, and […]

Breakfast When There’s No Time To Cook

Sometimes, I think, I have things too well ordered, so that when the inevitable happens, like the children growing up and starting off in their own separate directions, it throws a monkey wrench in the whole plan.  For instance, one daughter usually makes breakfast while my barn buddy and I milk the cows in the […]

22/365 On a Snowy Day

It is snowing heavily here today.  I wasn’t feeling well last night and this morning, so I took what turned out to be a very restorative nap as soon as the morning round of chores was completed.  Isn’t it funny what poor sleep will do to the body?  Now, we’re watching a movie, a Christmas […]

Raising Future Mothers and Fathers

Evie was heading up the stairs yesterday afternoon in order to play with all of her people.  “Jon!” I called.  “Evie’s coming up!  Keep an eye on her, please!” Jon appeared at the top of the stairs to receive her, but as soon as she saw him, she laid down right where she was, and […]

Evie’s First Snow

Well, it isn’t really her first snow, but it’s the first one she’s really gotten to experience!  Her big sisters came out to give her sled rides, and she had a blast.  Snow on her skin, however, was not so well received, so bundle up!

Things I Like

I always appreciate when other people share with me the things and services that really work for them, so I thought I’d add a semi-regular post to share the things that I like. BookBub: This is a free service that sends a daily email with a curated list of free or cheap ebooks.  These are […]

This And That

Whoo!  Is it cold out today!  It’s 14° in the sunshine, with a steady wind a’blowin, so that it feels much colder on the skin.  The tank heaters are all working right this minute, thankfully, but we’ll have to refill before long, so let’s hope the hose isn’t frozen, shall we?  We try to lay […]

Allowances For Grown-Ups

Davey’s hobby, for as long as I’ve known him, has been computer game play.  Way, way back, a new game used to cost around $50.  In the beginning, I’d never tell my hardworking man that we couldn’t afford that, and, of course, if he got to spend frivolous money, I got to spend frivolous money, […]

14/365 Apples And Evie

One of Davey’s cousins gave us this bowl for our wedding, some months after the fact.  We were already living in Colorado, and she was out there vacationing with her family.  She picked it up at a shop in Denver and told us we could exchange it if we didn’t like it.  Davey thought for […]