{p,h,f,r} It’s Sunny!


8x10 sun in the cribWinter, in my part of the world, tends to be gray and overcast.  Except when it’s brutally cold!  Alas, like most of the country this year, we’re experiencing unseasonable warm weather, and thus, it is rainy and gray something like 99.9% of the time.  But today!  Today I spied the sun shining on my baby’s crib, and I was filled with joy!  Because I am completely and totally solar powered.


8x10 rosie and evieJust my two happy girls.  We decided to go shopping this morning for some last minute Christmas groceries.  The store was crowded, but they had all the checkouts open, and the patrons were remarkably cheerful, so it was not nearly as stressful as it should have been!  That makes me happy.


8x10 evie and the baby howsEvie is endlessly fascinated with the calves… but she’s still afraid of them! She walked over, saying to herself, “Pet the hows.  I pet the hows.” (That’s Evie for cows.  She refuses to say the /c/ even though she knows it belongs there!)  But as soon as I snapped this shot, she shook her head and started backing away. “No, no, no, no, no, no!”  (This picture is from a cloudy day.)

8x10 shopping buddyWe were in the store today, and she was riding along, watching me consult my list.  “Let me see dat,” she said, taking it from my hand.  She studied it carefully for a moment.  “Do we need anything else?” I asked.  She nodded and grinned.  “Cookies!”  Cookies were not on my list.


8x10 muddy feetWell, the combination of warmth and endless rain means… mud.  That’s my reality.  Mud.  There is no place to walk without getting muddy.  The grass is muddy.  The drive is muddy.  The patio is muddy.  And you take your life in your hands if you walk behind the barn.

Let’s just stick with enjoying the sunshine, okay?

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  1. Charity says:

    How does Evie feel about mud? Love the picture of her thinking about whether she should pet the calves this time. Our 4 week old calf Beau hates mud – he’s allowed to run with his mother during the day, but when she walks through the muddy spot next to the barn he stands at the edge and bawls, refusing to follow her.

    1. Evie doesn’t mind in the slightest. In fact, I have to wash her feet several times a day because she keeps dashing out the open door!

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