{p,h,f,r} At The Tree Farm

We’ve been going to a small, family-owned tree farm for our Christmas trees for most of the time we’ve lived here, but last year, we noticed that the trees were getting scragglier, and he didn’t seem to be planting new ones.  So this year, we went with a bigger, agri-tourism operation not far from Louisville, and we were not disappointed!  They had a ton of beautiful trees, friendly employees, and, because we went on a Tuesday, it was very quiet.  We actually found our tree about ten feet from the road, though there were plenty of other likely suspects within a short walk.  The tree was more expensive, but we like it very much.

The best part of the day, though? We were all home at the same time!  That’s the biggest trial of children growing up: they have their own lives and their own agendas, and we don’t always get to do the fun things as a group.  But this week is working out perfectly for us!


8x10 Brenna and EvieOur eldest daughter Brenna is Godmother to our youngest daughter Evie, but they don’t get to spend very much time together.  They make a lovely pair, though, don’t they?


8x10 five sistersSix sisters!  Don’t they look happy to be together?  A little funny, too: When I was editing this image back home, I was looking at their faces, and finally, I said out loud, “No wonder people think you all look the same!  Take away the hair, and your faces are very similar!” They all looked, shocked to find out it was true.  At home, we take them each as individuals, and we know all their differences, subtle or not, physical or not, but now we know why everybody else thinks they look just alike!  Also funny: I emailed this photo to my mom, captioned “Five Sisters”, because obviously I can’t count.


8x10 david the mighty tree slayerMy clown of a husband, lording it over his trophy kill. David, the mighty tree slayer!


IMG_1354 8x10 tree farm family oneAnd this is us. A lot of us.  Happy to be together.  Even Jonny there at the end, who thinks it’s his job in life to look serious in photographs.  We’ll be eleven soon, plus Grandpa makes twelve.  Crazy, huh?  I never did envision this when we were young and starting out, but it is good.  So very, very good.

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  1. Lovely! They do look alike. And I agree: the best days are the ones together. Blessings to you!

  2. Oh, they all look so fun! Especially the tree slayer. We have 6 boys and 1 girl! She would have loved living in your family. = ) And it IS good, isn’t it…having lots of kiddos.

  3. Oh, I feel the same emotions as my children grow up and have their own lives! What a joy it was for you all to be together picking out a tree. Beautiful post.

  4. Oh I love the sisters together! I have four daughters! And I love the tree slayer photo…a classic lumberjack. You have a beautiful family!

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