Evie and markers 8x12Evie missed her nap yesterday, so she fell asleep right after dinner.  Unfortunately, she woke up to find herself alone in the room, and I didn’t hear her over the sounds of the movie we were watching, so she was crying pretty hard by the time David found her.  She laid in my arms for a while on the couch, hiccuping and snuggling, then she flipped over and burrowed into my belly.  She wiggled joyfully and grinned at me, saying, “I so happy!”

Earlier in the day, I was carrying her around with me when the phone rang.  As I reached to pick it up, she said, “Hello, this is Mama speaking.”

Evie loves to count, so the other day, when I was changing her diaper, I was singing an old Gloria Estefan song. “1-2-3-4 Come on baby, say you love me, 5-6-7 times…”  Evie sang back, “1-2-3-4 Come on Mama, say you wuv me!”

She has a great vocabulary and an excellent ear for hearing all the parts of larger words, so we like to encourage her to say them as often as possible.  Our current favorite is absolutely, which she pronounces, finger in the air for emphasis, “Absowoopy!”  A close second is “irrisipibible” (irresistable).

Just a little bit of silliness to remember her by!