Steve the Butterfly!

insta butterfly and chrysalisinsta butterflyfree the butterfly!Well, look who made his way into the world!  Monday morning, when we checked on our jar, Evie was surprised to see, not a quiet little chrysalis, but a beautiful Black Swallowtail butterfly!  The weather was terrible yesterday, so we let him go this afternoon, and, boy, was he glad to be free.

You know, if you’ve never grown a found caterpillar into a butterfly, you’re really missing out.  We’ve never had one fail, and it’s such a wonder to behold!  Some caterpillars burrow into the earth, and some prefer to climb before ensconcing themselves in chrysalis or cocoon, so you have to find out which kind of caterpillar you have.  If burrowing, put some dirt in the bottom of your jar, then top with the leaves of whatever you found your caterpillar on, because that’s probably what it likes to eat.  If it’s a climber, put the leaves in and lean a small stick against the side.  Cover with something that lets air through, then just watch and wait!

Guaranteed delight, every single time. 🙂

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  1. We had monarch butterflies down in Tampa…I planted milkweed and we could watch them lay eggs (that was really cool, actually watching them lay the egg), then watch the eggs hatch and the caterpillars destroy the milkweed, then form a cocoon, then turn into butterflies. We had read about it over and over in the science books, but actually watching it happen was where the learning really took place. I was always amazed that the milkweed would get down to stubs, but by the time the next generation of butterflies were ready to lay eggs, it had bounced back.

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