Just a Little Update

So I haven’t really had time to blog much for a while, and I thought you might like to know what’s going on here! First, and most importantly, Dave’s dad has moved in with us.  Davey and Rosie went to pick him up in New Jersey earlier in the month.  They took the van – […]

A Story of My Dad and The Homeless Man

“I’m supposed to write a story about mercy,” Delaney said, “and I have no idea what to write.” “That’s funny,” I replied, “because when you said “mercy”, a story popped instantly into my head. Maybe if I tell you about it, it will help you find your own mercy story.” So, a long, long time […]

My Husband’s Arms

The other night, Davey was holding me in his arms in the darkness. “You make me feel so strong,” he whispered. I squeezed his arm and whispered back, “You make me feel small.” He paused for a moment.  “Small, like meek and scared? Or small, like protected.” “Protected,” I said, laughing a little, because pretty […]

Steve the Butterfly!

Well, look who made his way into the world!  Monday morning, when we checked on our jar, Evie was surprised to see, not a quiet little chrysalis, but a beautiful Black Swallowtail butterfly!  The weather was terrible yesterday, so we let him go this afternoon, and, boy, was he glad to be free. You know, […]

A Wonder In The Making

Ah. This girl.  I was looking for a book on the shelf, and she came up behind me, tugging at my sweater.  I looked over my shoulder.  “What are you doing, sweetie?” “Down, mama?” she asked, gazing up at me earnestly. She had a shape sorter out, a particularly difficult shape sorter, and she wanted […]