Steve the Cattapilloo

IMG_1081This is Evie’s caterpillar.  She found him in the garage, and came inside to show me, giggling with joy as it crawled up her arm.  So, of course, we put her caterpillar in a jar, with a stick and some appropriate vegetation, just in case it was still hungry.  It was looking pretty fat, though, so we suspected it wouldn’t be eating much.  Sure enough, almost right away, the caterpillar secured itself to the branch and wrapped itself up in this chrysalis.  It’s been about two weeks now, and we’re watching and waiting for our beautiful butterfly to emerge.  Evie checks on it several times a day, and it’s funny to hear her say, ever so carefully, “cat-a-pill-oo” and “butt-oo-fwy”.  She’ll be delighted when it finally emerges!

PS: It’s a black swallowtail.

PPS: Its name is Steve, because we’re on a Blue’s Clues kick.

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  1. Emily G says:

    So cute! I hope he makes it out safe and sound. 🙂 This has been a great year for what my kids call “sticky worms”-wooly caterpillars- around here. They are everywhere. My two year old twins cry “ticky-wum, ticky-wum!” every time they discover one in the yard.

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