School Notes: August 10, 2015 – First Day

I spent all last week cleaning and organizing the school room, and boy did it pay off today!  The space is clean and bright, well organized and spacious, and the children got all their work done, in spite of the fact that we had a drop off to the processor that ran into our school time.

For the younger children, I’m working with Elizabeth Foss’s Down the Alphabet Path program.  We have a block of group learning, followed by a short period of individual work, another group block, more individual work, then a rosary and in for lunch.  They all have the afternoon free, while the older children and I work on our Iliad study.  It all ran pretty well.

Today, I’m going to add some memorization/recitation to our morning mix.

The only downsides: I didn’t have all math worksheets printed in time.  No problem.  We’ll get going today.  And I also don’t have planners to write the children’s assignments in.  By the time I knew I wanted them, nobody was selling them anymore.  Amazon shall deliver some this morning.

Last year, we kind of just petered out in mid-May, so there is lots of review needed.  We’ll not be taking such a long summer break again!