Notes: August 11, 2015

These are just some drawings we made today of a crab apple branch that I brought into the school room. Tommy enjoyed this exercise so much that he drew two, and he would have made a third, except I told him it was time to move on. šŸ™‚

We read Alyosha’s Apple: A Tale of Old Russia, and it’s told in the same style as The The Miraculous Child, a rhyming story in verse. There was an icon on the very first page, and we discussed how the Russian Orthodox Church is very close to kin to us as Roman Catholics. We talked about miracles, and how rare they are, to which Penelope piped up, “We see a miracle every Sunday at church, when the priest turns the bread and wine into Jesus!” So, yes, the miracle of the Eucharist. šŸ™‚

All math books were distributed today, and the children did well with their individual work, from the littlest to the oldest! We did not get to adding memory work, though, because one homeschooling mama has a bit of trouble getting organized!