Why We Can’t Be Friends

This is intended for a very select, very local audience, as our parish drama continues. One must fight against injustice where ever one finds it, I’m afraid. “Can we be friends?  We can just agree to disagree about church things.” But the answer has to be no, we can’t be friends, and this is why. […]

Let’s Make It Nine

There’s a certain point where, if you buy a pregnancy test, people feel compelled to comment on your purchase, to note the large numbers of children already milling about, to ask if you want to be pregnant, to wonder how many you intend to have, and to observe that cable television might be the solution […]

Monday Morning Chat

The mood at Mass yesterday was rather subdued, and some people were conspicuously absent, but most of us are just holding our breath, waiting, hoping, praying.  We’ll know by mid-week whether or not Father David wants to give us another chance. I hope he knows that most of us want him, that we chose him […]

Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing

This has been a long, dark week in which our priest has been driven off by certain members of his own parishes.  The other night, a message got back to me. “Tell your mother we did what we had to do.” I’ve heard vague stories, stories with no details, no names, that run sharply counter […]

Notes: August 11, 2015

These are just some drawings we made today of a crab apple branch that I brought into the school room. Tommy enjoyed this exercise so much that he drew two, and he would have made a third, except I told him it was time to move on. 🙂 We read Alyosha’s Apple: A Tale of […]

A Family Rosary

One of the things I’ve been trying to add to our daily round is a family rosary.  Do you know how hard it is to work that into the routine?  Now that we’re back in school, though, I have an idea to pray the rosary together just before we break for lunch.  That’ll work Monday […]