{p,h,f,r} The End of July

Hi, there! Nice to see you!  Did you know that  bloggers love comments?  Thrive on them?  Are motivated and inspired by interaction with readers?  I know you’re busy, but it only takes a moment.  If anything you see or read here brings you a smile, or makes you think, please tell us about it!  We […]

Lost: One Toothbrush

Evie’s toothbrush is one of the most hard-to-keep-track-of items in the house. Every evening, I give her a bath, so I can wash the dinner out of her hair. Then I wrap her in her towel, lay her in my lap, and brush her wee teeth. When I’m done, she gets a turn while I […]

The Cousins Are Coming!

People think depression makes you really sad. Maybe it does; I don’t really know what went on inside of Davey for all those years, but outwardly, he was just angry and hateful. Nobody really knew what we were going through. Our misery was so complete that it seems like everything else was crowded out. Relationship […]

The Importance of Bed Time

I’m a staunch advocate for schedules and routines when it comes to raising children.  In fact, I think predictable days can and do go a long way toward eliminating many behavioral issues.  And the most important, most jealously guarded hour of the day should be the one leading up to bed time.  After all, we […]

Curfews and Courtesy

Delaney works at a fast food sandwich shop, and a surprising number of people like to eat in just before closing. By the time they get their customers out and the store cleaned and closed up, it’s usually 10:30, and she’s home about ten minutes later. I wait up for her, but we don’t talk […]

Summer, So Far, And Other Things

We’re getting pretty tired of summer, actually!  The children are longing for school to begin, for more rhythm and productivity in their days.  I’m longing for less of what feels like frantic activity and more rhythm and productivity in my days.  So, basically, a long summer vacation does not suit us.  This is the first […]

For the Birds

Thomas came running down the stairs this morning – and I really hate when they do that, since we don’t have a hand rail – all excited. “There are baby birds in the apple tree right outside my window!” he squealed. And so there were! Two little robins, looking about like they’re ready to fly, […]

{P,H,F,R} Posting Sans Keyboard

I haven’t been here in a while! Guess what? The keyboard on my laptop is broken. Well, not the whole thing, just the left-hand shift and control keys, along with z, and the cluster including b, n, and the space bar. I can live without the z, it turns out, and I can think of […]