{p,h,f,r} In the Middle of June


phfr pretty day lilies in bloomDay lilies!  I never used to like day lilies, because they always seemed kind of weedy to me, but now, those very same qualities are what make them so endearing.  They grow so thickly that there’s no need to weed around them, they happily expand themselves year after year, and they require no more watering than God chooses to provide.  They’re edible, too, if you happen to be really hungry.  Or just adventurous.


phfr happy penelope kitten catA couple of months ago, we got Penelope a kitten.  It was black, and she named it Bubbles.  Alas, Bubbles one day went to sleep behind a car tire and was not disturbed by the roar of the engine coming to life, and so lost hers when Brenna left on an errand.  Brenna was deeply anguished when she discovered the kitten’s body a short time later, and Penelope was heartbroken.  Now that a suitable period of time has passed for mourning (and the folks at the pound have forgotten that they already gave me a kitten not too long ago), we’ve acquired a replacement.  This one is named Fluffy, and you can see that Penelope is very happy indeed.  Let us hope this one is more judicious in her choice of napping spots.


phfr funny turkey checking us out phfr funny turkey wandering off to check on Davidphfr funny turkey visiting againTurkeys are some of the friendliest fowl.  Large, but quite sociable.  This one came over to check out Penelope’s photo shoot, then wandered off to see how Davey was doing on his tractor repairs, then came on back again to check out the camera.  Turkey hunting is a big sport around here, and Davey jokes that if you’re having trouble finding your quarry, just turn around.  They’re probably right behind you.


phfr real new plants because flower gardenI stopped by my friend Hannelore’s house today.  One of Hanna’s passions is gardening, and her home and flower beds are just so lovely.  She sent me home with some root growing hormones and instructions for propagating the two plants I’d picked up, as well as whatever cuttings I might like from her own gardens later.  While I was in the gardening spirit, I stopped by the local nursery and picked up a few more plants that were on sale.  Now, I just have to plant them and keep them watered for the next several months.  What do you think?  Any hope of success?
Probably not.

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  1. I used to think the same way about Day Lilies. But now that I have bright yellow ones growing outside my window, I like them a lot! The easy care is a real draw!! I love your turkey pictures. I live deep in the heart of a city and always enjoy seeing green and open places.

    1. We grew up in suburban New Jersey, so I know what you mean! It’s all still a constant wonder to us. I have a separate site for our farm, if you’re interested. http://www.cooperfamilyfarm.com

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