Good Morning!

Ah, how the time gets away from me.  So much going on, and so little time to just sit down and write.  I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again: All those little kids you’ve got underfoot?  Oh, do enjoy this time!  I know it’s hard, that it seems like you have to do everything for everybody, and you’re just looking forward to them growing up enough to be a help to you, but when they get to that point, that’s when you really have to step up your parenting game.  Teens are hard.  🙂

How about an update on the house?  We’re waiting on the contractor to come back with plans and a price so we can get financing, then we have to wait for nice warm weather in order to get started.  Warm and dry weather, because did I mention we’re taking off the whole roof?  He said he needs one, rainless week, but it’ll rain regardless.  He’ll bring plastic sheeting, just in case.  🙂

main floor plan B

What we’re looking at doing is building a complete second floor, then also having finished space within the trusses for the roof.  That level will be much narrower and with some sloping of the ceilings, but it’ll be super nice to have anyway.  Then we can move our school space from garage to house!  According to my latest drawings, too, we end up with a nice gathering area on the second floor, because 1600 square feet is a lot of space.  A lot of space.  Folks are pretty excited around here.

Truss room plan bAnd Dave’s dad?  He reports that the roof back home is leaking and something is wrong with the plumbing and the windows are warping.  I think it’s a plea for us to hurry up so he can move.  🙂

This is why I think Jeremy the Contractor is a gift from God.  This whole idea belongs to the Holy Spirit, but so many contractors either can’t do the job or don’t have time for us.  Jeremy doesn’t necessarily have time, either, but he’s willing to make time, and he has access to enough work crews to get the job done quickly.  He’s doing what he can to get the costs down for us, too.  A gift, I tell you!

I hope the Holy Spirit has a plan to pay for all this.

folders and calendar delaney college planning

In other news, we’re enrolling Delaney part time at the community college this coming year to get some of her prerequisites done for the nursing program she wants to get into.  Her ACT scores already put her in the top tier of candidates, so everything comes down to her GPA at the point she applies for admission.  They just rank the candidates by tier and GPA and pick the first 24 off the list.  She’s smart and competitive, which will work in her favor, but she’s mildly handicapped by a lack of classroom experience, particularly in the realms of taking notes and testing.  Minor problems, right?  So she’ll start with support from the home front and go from there!  She’s wanted to be a nurse almost as long as she’s wanted to be a religious, so I have no doubt she’ll succeed.

wherefore art thou tomatoes weeds

Did I ever tell you that gardening is not our thing?  We all enjoy the idea of a garden, but none of us actually enjoys the process of gardening.  That’s why we end up growing mostly weeds.   We have planted nothing in the garden except for tomatoes and beans, and I think the children planted some pumpkins and melons.  Oh, and we have cucumbers, too!  But most of the beds are mostly empty, and I hardly care.  Maybe I should care.  Maybe I should go plant some lettuce.  Then again, I have a few more important things to do and lettuce is pretty cheap.

laundry and basket in sunshine

I had a note in my bullet journal last week that went like this:

  • Annabelle’s Foot:
    • Call vet to come check it
    • Decide whether to cull or not
      • if cull – out of milk business
      • if keep – so be it

“That’s it?!” Delaney asked.  “It all hinges on Annabelle’s foot?!”  It’s true.  The entire future of the Cooper Family Farm was riding on Annabelle’s foot.  And then the sun came out and the vet fixed her up and I returned to my usual optimistic self.  Davey looked at me that afternoon, just before we locked ourselves out of the van. “Are you going to be like this every time it rains?” he wondered.

Um, yeah.  Probably.  I’m sorry.

Maybe it’ll help to get my projects cleared out so my brain can rest.  Here’s my list:

  • Make next year’s school plans
  • Clean out the house
  • Clean out the school room
  • Cleaning out the barn
  • Clean out garage attic
  • Pack away the upstairs
  • Build house
  • Move Dad
  • Sell cows
  • Complete homemaker tasting event
  • Prepare for County Fair

And then it will be September, or maybe even October, by the time the house is done, and it’ll be just about time to start thinking about Christmas, and right after Christmas comes the Birthday Run, and then it’ll be spring again…

It’s a vicious cycle, isn’t it?

P.S.: It’s not morning anymore.  Good afternoon!

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  1. Beckie R. says:

    It’s a never ending cycle, isn’t it? And as soon as you accomplish one thing, three others join your list.

    Is Delaney “graduated” from high school studies this year? I thought she had another year to go….

    I will be hoping for you that all things fall into place as they need to in order for your house plans to come to fruition.

    And I am also a rainy day grump. I try very hard to be optimistic — (oh, look at all the water the garden is getting; or hey, we get to stay inside and read!) — but it seldom actually convinces me to be in a good mood.

    I love you.

  2. Wow, you’re an all or nothing girl, aren’t you? I love your cows. I know you do, too, but I have to say I couldn’t keep up with the work — probably not for more than one day. Good luck on the house. Praying for a one-week drought just when you need it.

    PS I am a gardener-want-to-be as well. Right now, mine is filled with weeds, strawberries, wildflowers, and more weeds. Bad knee/hip/back for the last month or so means nothing gets done in the garden. Oh, and bridesmaids’ dresses and a wedding veil.

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