Busy Weekend

cluster of blueberries We went blueberry picking!  Evie ate too many blueberries.  Blueberry poops are not fun.  Everybody was wondering why blueberry poops are so terrible, so when it finally came, I showed them.  Penelope peered into the diaper and nodded.  “Yup!  That’s what happened to me, too!”  And if that wasn’t enough, I fed them beans for dinner that night.  I must be a glutton for punishment!evie eats a blueberry



On Saturday, we went to the Kentucky Renaissance Faire in Eminence.  It’s near Shelbyville, if you live in that vicinity.  Tropical Depression Bill was still working his way through the area, so it was pretty rainy till around noon, and even after that, it drizzled off and on for most of the day.  As the fair was set in Scotland during the reign of Robert the Bruce, the characters just chalked it up to good Scottish weather.  🙂

IMG_9669There was a lot of audience participation, but none of the shows lasted more than ten minutes, and there were long gaps between things to do.  Lots of it was kind of slapstick, too.  The human chess game, for instance.  Instead of playing out the game, which I have seen done, and done well, they moved all the pawns up on both sides, had a slow-motion fairy ninja fight, then sent all the pawns off.  Then they had all of the rest of the pieces, except the kings, fight it out in a cuteness contest.  (Our team won, thanks to Evie storming the board!)  Finally, the kings faced off in a wooing contest, and it was all over.  (The opposing king was a very good wooer.)  See?  Silly.  The whole thing was like that. sweaty baby evie

But, if you like dressing up and spending the day with knights, fairies, and assorted royalty, it’s a fun day.

Most enlightening was the conversation with the jousting troupe toward the end of the day.  All of their horses were rescues, and they just travel the country doing shows like this.  They were kind of keen on getting us to go back to our native land, so we could see them in action later this summer at the much livelier Renaissance Fair in New York.  They said it’s grown to about 18,000 people per day vs. 1500 on a really good day here in Kentucky.  It wasn’t nearly that popular when we last went in the early ’90s.  🙂

We also enjoyed a live band called Saxon Moon.  Did you ever see the movie Serendipity?  Do you remember the Lars character?  It kind of reminds me of that sort of music, a folk rock sort of sound.  Anyway, I like it and I bought two of their CDs.

In whFunny story:  Since he was already wearing the costume, Tommy was selected to play the Knight In Shining Armor in this medieval melodrama.  The little princess there, she got to decide whether to go with the dragon, with the knight, or to give them both the boot.  She chose the knight, of course.  That long haired fellow there, he looked at Tommy and he said, “Congratulations. You’ve won the princess.  Now you’ll have to buy her a castle, and get her food…”  And Tommy interrupted here.  He looked at the dragon, then he looked at the man.  “Well, we can just kill that dragon and eat him.”  Methinks the princess chose wisely.  Also, he’s an extremely handsome young knight.

‘Twas a happy weekend.

Yesterday, of course, was Father’s Day, which we did not celebrate with a cookout.  Actually, I had to go shopping for our event this week, and Davey got Saturday for his Renaissance Fair.  He couldn’t have Sunday, too!  😉

How was your weekend?

rain on blueberry leaf