Sausage and Pepper Sandwiches

I don’t have a recipe per say, but this is how I make them. I haven’t gotten any complaints. đŸ™‚

First, I thinly slice a quantity of peppers and onions appropriate to the number of sandwiches I’m making. I mostly use only green peppers, because red peppers are often obscenely expensive, but today, I have a red pepper, too. They add a nice bit of color and a slightly different flavor, but if green is all you have, green is fine. I saute them in a lot of butter. Not margarine, not olive oil, butter. Nothing beats the flavor! I start with half a stick and add more as needed until the peppers and onions are quite tender but not brown. (Keep the heat to medium!) Now I add a can of diced tomatoes and heat it through. No other seasoning is necessary.

Next, I like to grill mild Italian sausages, weather permitting, brushing them with barbeque sauce toward the end of the cooking time. Otherwise, I bake them in the oven till they’re done, also brushing with sauce toward the end. If you are baking them, be sure to drain off any grease before adding the sauce, otherwise, it won’t stick.

I prefer nice crusty white rolls for these sandwiches, split and warmed in the oven just before serving. David likes to pull out some of the bread to form a nest for his sausage, but I like to just squeeze it around the fillings. Split the rolls most of the way through, leaving a “hinge” at the bottom, put a hot sausage into it, and top with the peppers and onions. Some people like to add a little more barbeque sauce, especially kids, but I think it overwhelms the buttery onion flavors.

I don’t make this too often because it’s a fairly expensive meal, but it’s very tasty and I always hope there will be leftovers for lunch tomorrow. It reheats very well.