Olivier Dunrea: The Sweetest Books for the Sweetest Babes




Oh, how I love these little books by Olivier Dunrea!  The stories are oh-so-sweet little tales of childhood from the point of view of the child.   You know, if your child was a duckling.  Mostly, the ducklings are going about their business, losing lovies, eating things they shouldn’t, wearing the same thing every day, and forgetting to do their chores.  They’re completely clueless if they sometimes irritate Mama Duck, which is probably how most little children feel.  🙂  The illustrations are charming, with lots of white space around them for a clean, calm, uncluttered feel. (I want to frame them, I do.) If you have a baby, buy these in board book format.  If you have a preschooler, get the hardcover version.  (They’re still small in hardcover!) 

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  1. Beckie R. says:

    You turned me on to these when my girls were babes, and I just loved them. I didn’t buy them, but our library has an extensive collection of them, so we could always find them available. But now that you’ve reminded me of them, I will happily purchase a set for the babes I know with upcoming birthdays 🙂

    1. Lucky babes! And lucky you for having a decent library. I miss that about the Northern states. In the South, we don’t believe in education. In fact, our “librarians” recently gave up even alphabetizing what titles they do have, so I request books online and make them sort through their own mess. That is, on the off chance they have the book I want in the first place.

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