A Dog, a Job, a House, and a Mess

I haven’t taken any photos in over a week, so there won’t be any.  It was a long week.  But before I tell you about that, let’s start with:

A Dog

I had the pleasure of working with Roxie last night to round up the chickens for the night.  She knows to circle around before beginning to push forward, and she knows to hold her own position so they don’t get away, and she knows to stay calm or the chickens will scatter.  We had just a few left to get inside, and they were milling about near the fence.  Delaney was positioned so that they couldn’t move into the open, and I was positioned so that they couldn’t go behind the coop, and Roxie, bless her little doggie heart, instead of letting them pass, moved up so they were pinned against the fence, then sat quietly till the people did whatever they were going to do.

She is an amazing dog.  Which makes the following incident that much more perplexing.

The other morning, we were awakened at 4AM by the mournful sounds of a distressed chicken outside our bedroom window.  Davey went out to investigate, as there was no possibility of further sleep, and found the dog standing over a wounded hen.  By the light of day, we were able to piece together some of the story.  The chicken had roosted outside the coop for the night, and we hadn’t seen her in the weeds when we closed up.  That’s where she was attacked, and the trail of feathers leads toward the house.  The dog had been barking at something a couple of hours before the chicken woke us, and though it’s extremely doubtful that she committed the original attack, it is entirely possible that Roxie picked the chicken up by the neck in order to protect her and caused the injuries herself.  But it’s just as likely that the varmint did it and Roxie saved the day.  Either way, it was a short night.

A Job

I thought about getting a job this week.  The position to clean the rectory, the hall, and the CCD classrooms at our parish opened up.  I hadn’t thought it was such a big job when I went to talk to Father this week (just the rectory, I was told), and I prayed and worried on it for several days.  But then, one afternoon, Evie and I were cleaning the living room together, and after we vacuumed, I sat down to play with her.  She’s so smart and funny, that one, and we had such a pleasant afternoon, and I knew that no amount of money could make up for missing this time with her.  And so I’ll have to tell Father I can’t do it.

A House

We met with a contractor yesterday (who I really, really like) to talk about making our house a little (or a lot) bigger.  He gave us an off-the-cuff guesstimate (which word my spell checker isn’t flagging!) of $60,000.  And Davey didn’t faint when he heard it!

I like this contractor so much and I hope he’s willing to do this.  It’s a big job.  But he noticed lots of little details that other people hadn’t mentioned, and I like that he saw all that, and that he noticed other things before I told him.  I feel like he knows his business, and I hope he’ll be able to fix a lot of the deficiencies in our house.

He wants to talk to the building inspector about our place, so hopefully, that’ll happen next week.

A Mess

In the meanwhile, we’re acting like we’re moving!  We love moving, and we miss moving.  We’ve been here too long.  One of the best things about moving is being forced to pare down your belongings to only what you actually love and need.  We haven’t done that in years and we’ve got a lot of stuff.  We’ve gone through all the kids’ bedrooms this week, and sent bags and bags to goodwill, and also thrown a lot away.  We’ll have to completely empty the upstairs for sure, so this is great!  Of course, we’ll also need to put what’s left somewhere, so the downstairs needs to be done, too.  Fun, fun, fun.  No, really.  This is fun!

Those are the good parts of my week.  I don’t want to talk about the bad stuff.  So how was your week?

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  1. Have you heard of Hank the Cowdog? A fairly easy to read chapter book series…great for boys. In the first book, Hank is accused of killing a chicken, so he runs away and joins the coyotes. http://www.amazon.com/Original-Adventures-Hank-Cowdog/dp/1591881013/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1431780047&sr=8-1&keywords=hank+the+cowdog

    Hope the house expansion goes well. Hope the pretend move is productive too. I am doing a real one right now and I feel so free and unburdened when we get rid of stuff. I would get rid of more but I’m trying to respect other people’s property rights.

    1. Ha! I detest Hank the Cowdog! Could be a sweet boy once shnookered me into reading one aloud, but I haven’t allowed one in the house since. 🙂

  2. Your contractor sounds like Bart’s surgeon. They could tell you “what was happening” before you mentioned it. Sounds like you found a honest and reliable man to do the job.

    I call your cleaning out “rainy day” cleanings here! I have been doing alot of it here, even on sunny days!

    On the chicken episode, I believe Roxie might have just carried the hen to safety. Houstiss go a hold of our baby chick that I accidentally hatched to early. It was up on the kitchen counter, in the “Chick NICU” as we called it. One of the girls came running to me telling me that the sick chick was outside with the dogs!!! I believe Houstiss had carefully carried it outside. This was the second time we found the sick chick not in the Chick NICU. He is a pretty good dog and he helps me round up the chicks here if they get out. I let him in the chicken tractor domes with me. OH, and the sick chick survived! Kacie named it Ralphy (from Christmas Story) because she was a fighter. Ralphy is going strong and is a Cream Leg Bar. You should come see my variety of chickens some day.

    1. We’ll have to get over there before you all leave!

  3. Brittany says:

    Thank you! It’s not often you hear someone say something they like, you usually hear just the opposite. You are sweet 🙂 I myself am trying to focus on the good and beauty in simple life.
    You really made my day.

    1. He seems like a good man, Brittany! Thanks for sending him our way. 🙂

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