The Kentuckians Series





I can not tell you how thoroughly I have enjoyed this series.  Auntie Leila recommended
Hannah Fowler in her Library Project  way back, and I purchased it, but never read it. Well, with the baby getting me into bed early every night, I have lots of reading time, and, eventually, Hannah made it to the top of the list.  I’m so sorry it languished on my shelf for so long!  I hopped on amazon as soon as I finished and bought The Believers and The Kentuckians, too!

I have so enjoyed all three of these books, not least because the characters share a deep and abiding love of my adopted home state.  Their marriages are portrayed so well, and they live their lives with so much courage and dedication, and even virtue.  And I’ve learned a lot about Kentucky history to boot!  🙂

These are among the very few books that I am looking forward to rereading.

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  1. I recently read and enjoyed Hannah Fowler (on Auntie Leila’s recommendation) too! I’ll have to check out those others!! Thanks!

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