{P, H, F, R} Is April Over Already?


8x10 IMG_9038 dogwood macro

IMG_9033 dandelion wish flower

April is nearly ready to give way to May. The dogwoods are starting to fade already. The lilacs are nearly spent, and the apple blossoms, all on one windy day, fell like confetti from the trees. This is always my favorite time of the year, watching it all come to life, basking in sights and scents of the early blooms, but now it’s time to get down to the serious business of growing a vegetable garden.


IMG_9010 tiny kitten sunshine

IMG_9029 roxie dog wet resting

This has got to be the world’s tiniest kitten. We got her from the shelter when we traded Lucky in for Roxie. She’s a sweet little thing. And Roxie? Well, she’s young and energetic, but extremely affectionate. She doesn’t seem intent on killing the poultry, like Lucky was, just pinning them down, but it upsets the hens. She got into the coop and took some feathers off a poor bird the other day, but discipline seems to have been effective. She has the run of the place most of the time now, with her leash trailing along behind as a reminder of her bondage. And even Evie is starting to warm up to her! (Evie’s been a little terrorized by the recent acquisitions of unruly dogs.)


IMG_9019 penelope jumping dirt pit

IMG_9020 tommy shoot bow arrow

“Mama, can you take pictures of things that move?” wonders Penelope.

“Yes, I can.”

“Will you take a picture of me jumping?” she asks.

“Now it’s my turn!” Tommy claims with a grin.


Well, my real {REAL} would be a picture of my dear van up on jacks at the shop, awaiting parts for a long overdue repair, and maybe a picture of my bank account desperately shriveled by the expense of it, but I don’t have those. I have this.

square IMG_9042 mud meatballs

I think these are mud meatballs, mined from the dirt pit my husband has dug right off the porch. It is all clay, and it holds a lot of water when it rains, and also gets washed up and tracked onto the concrete pad which we call the porch. It’s messy. And ugly. And he’s been digging here since last summer, but only sporadically, and I wish he’d just get it done already. It’ll be nice when he does: he’s building an outdoor kitchen. But for now, it’s just a big dirt pile in a bigger hole with a backhoe parked on top.

What I really feel is not contentment so much as quiet desperation, but I’m going to link up with Like Mother, Like Daughter anyway. 🙂