How to Get Cheap Instagram Prints In Ten Easy Steps

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Have I told you how much I love instagram? Love, love, love! It’s my favorite creative activity on most days, a quick and easy, very informal way for me to highlight the beauty in my life. And that constant quest for the lovely? It keeps me sane, I tell you.

Wouldn’t it be a shame to leave these happy little photos to languish forever in the bowels of the internet, or my hard drive?

Plus, I think it’s very, very important to print your photos. Even the really bad instagram ones.

Instagram has become such a popular social network that a lot of services have popped up that make it easier to get cute, square instagram prints right from your device. I’ve seen prices anywhere from 50Β’ to $1. But even at the low end… 50Β’?! That’s pretty steep! Especially if you want 100 or so prints. Ahem. Fortunately, I have discovered a slightly cheaper option.

The first thing you want to do is get your instagram prints off your phone or the web. I use Instaport on the web. You can select a date range (I print monthly), but you have to double check, because sometimes it downloads all photos from the start date to present. Mostly, it works well, though, and it’s free.

There is also a Shutterfly app for your device that might make uploads easier. I don’t use it, though, so I can’t say. πŸ™‚

How to Get Cheap Instagram Prints In Ten Easy Steps

1. Upload instagram photos to Shutterfly by any means necessary.

2. Open up an ebates ticket forShutterfly. (1% cash back, but every little bit helps.)

3. Open the album where your photos reside and click Select: All.

4. Click the Edit button, then select Crop from the drop down menu.

5. In the gray box to the left, select the custom crop tool. Then select free, not square. (Square costs 50Β’, which defeats the purpose.) Make sure your entire image is inside the crop lines.

6. Now, in that same box, click on the border tab. It should say “simple”, but if you look on the other side of the screen, you should see a small box where you can scroll through the rest of your images. There is a link there to apply this border to all selected photos. Do that.

7. If you click Print Preview now, you should see your square photo centered on a 4×6 print with white border all around. Yes? Scroll through a couple more photos to make sure it applied to all images.

8. Add all to cart, and select your finish. I like matte. It adds to the charm, but you don’t need a border because you already have one. Then check for coupon codes. You can get 115 free prints through Tuesday with the code CARROT.

10. Complete checkout, then wait for your lovely, inexpensive, square prints to arrive. Well, they’ll be square shortly, as soon as you work a little magic with a pair of scissors or a paper trimmer. πŸ™‚

Now that you’ve got them, what will you do with them? Ah, that’s a post for another day. πŸ™‚


Ebates is a really great deal! They have a ton of mainstream stores in their catalog, which means you get cash back for buying the things you were already going to buy anyway. I don’t know why they do this thing, but they do. They mail checks every three months. If you aren’t signed up, click now! I’ll get a small bonus if you do. πŸ™‚

Also, thanks bunches for using my Shutterfly link! You can prepay for prints, too, which makes them a little cheaper still.

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