The Kentuckians Series

              I can not tell you how thoroughly I have enjoyed this series.  Auntie Leila recommended Hannah Fowler in her Library Project  way back, and I purchased it, but never read it. Well, with the baby getting me into bed early every night, I have lots of reading time, […]

{P, H, F, R} Is April Over Already?

{PRETTY} April is nearly ready to give way to May. The dogwoods are starting to fade already. The lilacs are nearly spent, and the apple blossoms, all on one windy day, fell like confetti from the trees. This is always my favorite time of the year, watching it all come to life, basking in sights […]

The Problem of Time

Tommy came downstairs the other day and asked, “Mommy, how many hours are in a day? Two?” “Nope,” I answered, “There are twenty-four.” His eyes widened with pleasure and surprise. “Twenty-four?” I nodded. “Wow.” Then he thought for a moment. “How long does it take to eat breakfast?” he asked. “Well, it takes about an […]

Some Things We Can Do To Keep the Grocery Bill Down

There’s nothing original here.  You already know all of these things, but sometimes it helps to be reminded.  It helped me to write it! Menu Planning I know it can be tedious and time consuming, and I know it saps all spontaneity from our time in the kitchen, but menu planning is a really indispensable […]

Making a Grocery Budget

We’ve been grocery budgeting since 1998. We were newly arrived in Germany, all the bills had finally caught up with us, and the credit card game was over. When everything was tallied up, we owed in excess of $30,000. And we’d accumulated this whopping debt in only three years of marriage! Go us! But we […]

My Week

Dave’s father is here.  He arrived rather suddenly on Monday evening to discuss plans for him to move here.  This is something we’ve always offered our parents: a home when they can no longer manage one of their own, for whatever reason.  His reasons are partly financial (he doesn’t really have any) partly emotional (his […]

Mudroom Refresh

Or maybe a total do-over.  I can’t show you before pictures – oh, no, I can’t! – because it was just too terrible to photograph.  And we have people in there on a regular basis!  Customer people, who have to pick their way carefully over the discarded cap guns, coats and shoes, the overturned buckets […]

How to Get Cheap Instagram Prints In Ten Easy Steps

This post contains affiliate links, because I have to get orthodontia for three children, and every little bit helps. Clicking on my links will not cost you anything extra! Thank you in advance for your support. 🙂 Have I told you how much I love instagram? Love, love, love! It’s my favorite creative activity on […]