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Two Sisters Looking Through Fence

Is there anything more beautiful – I mean prettier – than brothers and sisters who genuinely love each other?  I never tire of watching them interact with each other.  Meggie was talking to Evie in front of the tiger exhibit.  Oh, yes!  We got to go to the zoo!  Of course, it was really the first day of the season that was nice enough for walking out of doors all day, so, of course, the zoo was uncomfortably crowded with young children with young mothers who were equally excited to be out of the house.  We stopped at a bathroom one time and opened the door to find 12 small children milling about in a two stall facility!  It was utter chaos!  Shoes were missing, hands were dripping, sippy cups were rolling.  At long last, all the children were reunited with their belongings and ushered out of the room.  In the sudden silence, Delaney just looked at me for a moment, then said simply, “That was a lot of kids.”


Round Bales of HayWe are going to make it to the spring grass!  I never know if I’ll have enough hay for the winter, because I never know how long the winter is going to last.  I plan for 180 days of feeding the cows, but sometimes they don’t like the hay, and sometimes we have to start feeding in September and sometimes we don’t get to quit till May.  This year, we fed the first bale on October 29, but I wasn’t able to get all the hay I wanted in the summer.  I was fifty square bales short of my hopes.  But here we are, on the cusp of spring, with only a few round bales left (and they’ll get used).  All the alfalfa has been fed, and we still have around thirty square bales of hay for emergencies.  The grass isn’t quite ready for grazing, but we’re close.  Very close.


dogwood blossoms budsOften, my attempts at artistic photography go well astray.  Case in point.  🙂


boy curly hair smiling blue eyesMy dearest, sweetest, littlest boy has been in desperate need of a haircut for weeks now.  Alas, I haven’t had time to trim it for him.  Sure, I had time to write this post, but no time for giving this poor kid a haircut.  His hair is curly, though, and I still love his curliness so.  It ought to be a crime to cut such lovely hair, don’t you think?

I also do not know what I’m making for dinner in thirty minutes.

I think I better go now.

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  1. KristyB says:

    My boys act as if I’m committing a crime when I even suggest it might be possibly time for a haircut. And whenever I mention it, I usually don’t get around to it for at least a week. It’s as if cutting their hair is an affront to their very person. Still, they need haircuts.

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