Monday Morning

We’re making homemade ice cream on the farm today, so do stop by to read that!

We’re not having school today.  No sirree!  It’s going to be too pleasant a day to spend it indoors, slaving over our books.  Out and about we go!  The rest of the week will be much cooler.  We can study then.  🙂

blog IMG_8432

The children spent hours yesterday building fairy houses.  It is one of their favorite springtime activities, and they spend weeks monitoring their creations for signs that someone has moved in.  Although we’ve never seen the residents, we almost always find signs of use.  It’s good to know our labors are not in vain.

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The daffodils are up and ready to bloom.  We’re just waiting, waiting, waiting.  But in the meantime, there is a sweetness we can’t identify on the breeze, so something, somewhere is in bloom.  The bees are active, so they must know where to find it!blog IMG_8438

These girls, my middle-ish girls.  They’re growing by leaps and bounds, and I love them IMG_8447

And these girls!  My oldest and my youngest, godmother and god daughter, so head over heels in love with each other.  I love them so, too!blog IMG_8484It’s nice be be finally coming out of our winter doldrums, into the full light and glory and freshness of spring.

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  1. You’re quite a bit farther ahead than us spring wise. No signs of any green shoots or tree buds. Hopefully the weekend we had will get everything in gear!

    Happy take-a-break day. 🙂

  2. So I have a question. You went to the zoo today too. Doesn’t that throw everything off?! I’m still glad we went, but I find that whatever rhythm and routine we do have being home is the biggest requirement to it’s daily success. And if we get off track on one day..,well, it often feels like it’s not until next Monday I can get it under control again!! I’m trying to stay on top of it a little bit by running laundry tonight…and maybe I’ll have to fold it myself?! Anyway, just curious, if you do anything to make up for time away from the routine.

    And also I’m really curious to hear how you’re liking the Restore Workshop. Is it worth the money? What’s your favorite part? Etc.

    1. Yay! Two questions to answer! I’ll get back to this in a bit, but I’ve been thinking about them all morning!

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