Kids In Cars and Homemade Toothpaste

My eldest two children are like opposite sides of the same coin.  The one is hesitant, shy, reluctant, and the other is rarin’ to go.  The one we must always coax and push, and the other feels like we’re holding her back.

Which is all to say, Delaney got her driver’s license yesterday.  And today?  She’s filling out job applications.

Brenna, Delaney and Megan, circa early 2000.  We lived in Germany till just after Meg's first birthday.  Oh, and most of Laney's wild curls are in a pony tail. :-)
Brenna, Delaney and Megan, circa early 2000. We lived in Germany till just after Meg’s first birthday. Oh, and most of Laney’s wild curls are in a pony tail. 🙂

The years go by so fast, my friends.  I know.  I have their baby pictures hanging on my wall, and it seems like they were just that small last week.  I think a mother’s heart has no concept of time.

So how about a toothpaste recipe?

There was a bit of interest in a facebook post the other day:

I made a fresh batch of toothpaste last night, with lemon flavoring instead of mint. It tastes just like lemonade and we’re inventing excuses to go brush again.

One friend remarked that I had not shared this yet!  And another wondered what my recipe might be, since her kids do not particularly care for her version.  So, toothpaste recipe. 🙂

This is actually an amalgam of two different recipes.  One is just a basic baking soda paste, and the other is a remineralizing paste.  This is just our personal experience, but Rosie, poor thing, had a cavity at every single dentist visit, until we started using this formula.  She made it through her last two cleanings cavity free!  I don’t know for sure that the toothpaste had anything to do with it, but I don’t know that it didn’t, either.  Also, I didn’t tell the dentist I was making our toothpaste, but I did ask him about baking soda and whether he thought it was damaging to enamel.  He had no problem with baking soda, per se, but he did say that most people brush too hard.  So, be gentle with the brush.  I think this formula is a lot less abrasive than straight baking soda anyway.

You’ll need:

1 tbsp baking soda
2 tbsp calcium carbonate
2 tsp vegetable glycerine
1 packet (or tsp) stevia (I find this at my grocery)
25-30 drops of essential oils for flavor
enough liquid coconut oil to make a paste when it cools back to room temperature, which, in our house, means to make it a little on the runny side so it won’t be too stiff or crumbly when the oil solidifies again.  You’ll have to experiment with your own environment.

Mix all together and you’re done!

We usually use a combination of peppermint and spearmint oils, but this time, we used straight lemon oil. I also think orange and clove would be nice for sensitive teeth. I use the NOW brand because the quality seems good and the price is reasonable, and they also almost say that the oils are food-safe on their website.  That almost means a lot to me.

I did make one substitution in this batch: I had a bottle of this liquid stevia in glycerin, so I used it instead of both the stevia and glycerin. It’s very sweet. I will definitely reduce that next time! But in the meantime, our lemonade toothpaste pleases us. 🙂

If you have any questions, just ask in the comments and I’ll be happy to answer as well as I can!

Oh, yes.  One caveat about using lemon oil.  You know how lemon kind of makes your mouth water?  The little ones might be a little extra drooly.

I couldn't resist one more.  This about a year later, at Ft. Sheridan near Chicago.  Lovin' the sunglasses, yes?
I couldn’t resist one more. This about a year later, at Ft. Sheridan near Chicago. Lovin’ the sunglasses, yes?

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  1. Lemon…hmmm. Might be interesting. Wondering about orange. Or cinnamon. I use xylitol for the sweetening because it’s good for teeth.

    1. I don’t like cinnamon on it’s own, but orange is good, too! Where do you get xylitol from?

    2. health food store. And i noticed grapefruit in my oils today. Hmmm.

  2. So I’m curious as to how, with so many people using the toothpaste and obviously, it isn’t in a tube…how do you dispense this stuff? I mean, you can’t have everyone dunking in the jar. Spoon? Or a squeeze-y ketchup dispenser type bottle? I’m trying to imagine what I’d put it in if I made it.

    1. I put mine in a plastic tub made for lotions (I get them online) but you could use a small jam jar, too (if you don’t have ceramic tile floors in the bathroom). And we just use a craft stick (ie popsicle stick) to get it out. Mine is more firm than the squeezable. Once you scoop out a bit, just take it on your finger and smash it onto the toothbrush.

    2. We have these tiny food storage containers that came in a set, and we put our toothpaste in there. We also have these tiny toddler butter knives, which also came in a set, and they’re perfect for scooping and smearing toothpaste. You do have to give it a pretty good nudge to nestle it into your bristles, though. 🙂

  3. Ready and willing to give this a try…now to source out the ingredients. We have our own home grown stevia that Paul dried and crushed, so we are good there. Coconut Oil too we have in abundance. Thanks!

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