Little Living Room Make Over

I’ve finally had enough. Actually, I’d had enough last week, so I placed an order, but then it snowed, and we don’t do snow too well in these semi-Southern climes, so the packages were delayed, and delayed, and delayed some more. Finally, FedEx was able to hike some boxes down the driveway, though we haven’t seen hide nor hair of UPS yet. 🙂

The problem is little Miss Evie. Well, she’s not a problem, but her toys and dolls and things, those we’re sure getting to be a problem, piling up in a small, untidy corner of the living room! Somehow, when there is no place to put some of the things, none of things get put away. The place constantly looked trashed, and it’s a really nice room since it’s real makeover two winters past!

So I ordered some inexpensive shelves to put near the window. Two of them came last night, and the other two smaller ones are still stuck with UPS, but it’s a start!

blog IMG_7997
I was up very early this morning, so I put them together and cleaned the room before anyone else awakened. I like to work all alone in the quiet.

blog clean

After breakfast, we all chipped in together to finish up. I love this photograph of all the children working together to tidy the bookshelves! When everyone lends a hand, it only takes a few minutes to do a big job.

And now? My living room is once again a tidy little haven for, you know, living. 🙂

Any homemaking wins at your house this week?

PS: I purchased two of these smaller shelves and two of these taller units. I tried some of the smaller ones as bedside tables a few weeks ago, and I was so pleased with them, I bought more! They are very easy to assemble, and though the wood looks cheap (it is), they’re nicely finished and very inexpensive. Highly recommended! And if you need some baskets, these fit perfectly, almost like drawers! (These are affiliate links. 🙂 )

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  1. KristyB says:

    Great picture! Our house has just gone all downhill since we’ve been cooped up inside. You’d think that’d made us all work harder to keep it livable, but it just doesn’t. Maybe today…

    1. I know just what you mean!

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