And the Winner Is…

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Michelle! I’ll be sending you an email shortly, Michelle, and figuring out how to get your prize to you. 🙂

I want you all to know that I prayed for each and every one of you at Mass this morning. I was genuinely touched by all of your stories and wished I could buy you each a seat in this workshop. I prayed again over our bowl of names, asking God to choose the woman who most needed this. He chose Michelle. You know, her comment is one of the most light-hearted, and if I was choosing myself, I might have passed her right by, but you just never know what people are dealing with behind the scenes. Maybe she’s like me and downplays her struggles; after all, there are people much worse off! 🙂

If you didn’t win, I hope you’ll consider taking the Restore workshop anyway! I know money is tight for all of us, but I think it’ll be worthwhile. Lent is coming; maybe a few extra bean or pasta dinners to cut the grocery bill? If your husband is like my husband, he’ll probably encourage you to do this. He won’t begrudge you the time and money spent so “selfishly” on yourself. Why do we do that to ourselves, anyway – act as though we don’t matter, that our contribution is of so little value? It isn’t a small thing you are doing!

You know, our priests and religious are required to go on retreat once a year. The Church knows that they need a break, that they need to restore their own souls in order to do the very great work of tending to Jesus’ flock. Otherwise, they would burn out! It’s the same for you and for me. Our task as mothers, and especially as homeschooling mothers, is enormous! But maybe we can’t get away for a real retreat. I know I can’t. Something like this Restore workshop might be the next best thing: a retreat from the comfort of your own home, experienced in the midst of your real life.

Pray about it, and talk to your husbands about it, and see if it can’t be done anyway. Okay?

And again, congratulations, Michelle! I hope this workshop is everything you need it to be. 🙂

Just a reminder that I am in no way affiliated with Elizabeth Foss or the Restore team.  I wanted to take it for myself and felt moved to offer it also as a gift for someone else.  It’s simple love!

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  1. Congrats Michelle! Thanks again for offering such a generous giveaway! Maybe I will register, too…

    1. I hope you do, Anne!

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