Project 365: Week 5

blogIMG_7422My Project 365 photographs for this week are added to the January gallery.  You can click on any thumbnail to enter a slideshow of the full images.  You know, I’m not getting my camera out absolutely every day, but this project is really helping me to keep making photographs through these dreary, dismal winter days, when I think there is nothing beautiful to work with.  I’m looking forward already to the warm, golden light of summer afternoons.  🙂

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  1. Evie is certainly becoming her own little personality, isn’t she? What a dolly.

    I did not know Davie did chainmail. The man I buy all my rosary wire from is a chainmailer. In fact, he started the business because he was displeased with the availability of really good rings. Now he probably doesn’t have time for chainmail! 😉

    1. Hi, Barbara! He’s learning how to make the chain mail and mostly using found materials. But he’s having fun!

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