Davey isn’t a big fan, but I love soup.  I’m not exaggerating here.  I have a deep and abiding love for all kinds of soup, and I could eat it every day.  Twice a day!  Soup is comfort food, and it just makes everything better. You know what else is great about soup?  It’s frugal!  […]

Homemade Ricotta Cheese

We have nuns here in Brandenburg. They hail from Malta, originally, which is near enough to Italy that they like the same kinds of food. Like ricotta cheese. Not the store boughten kind, either. The nuns make their own ricotta, fresh, whenever they want. “Oh, it’s easy!” they told me in their heavy accents. “You […]

Project 365: Week 5

My Project 365 photographs for this week are added to the January gallery.  You can click on any thumbnail to enter a slideshow of the full images.  You know, I’m not getting my camera out absolutely every day, but this project is really helping me to keep making photographs through these dreary, dismal winter days, […]

Motherhood and Marriage (Part 2)

“Why would she give up everything and mold her life to a man?” The words fell into the void, and we each of us exchanged quick glances.  “She needs to at least finish her masters before she gets married.  That way, she’ll have something to fall back on.” And just like that, her marriage was […]

On Motherhood (Part 1)

I have spent countless hours, over my career as a mother, staring into the eyes of a newborn child, awestruck, wondering at this tiny little person in my arms, searching for her essential self, only partially known to me after nine months in my womb, contemplating her place in this world as a child of […]

Project 365: A New Tab

Hey, there!  I’ve been working on a photography project, in which I attempt to take a photograph every day for an entire year.  Yeah, I know, right?  Anyway, I wasn’t sure how to share them.  I don’t really need the feedback of the project site I was using, and I don’t really like cluttering up […]

Master Bedroom Makeover

That’s it! That little window, that tiny little basement window, way up there by the ceiling; that’s all the natural light we have to work with in this room! On the other hand, being in the farthest, basementy-est corner of the house, we consider it fairly tornado proof, but that is irrelevant here. What is […]

Pro Mom Tip: The Label Machine

Some years ago, I found myself facing down a messy house.  Naturally, my first reaction was to grab a cup of coffee and sit down at the computer to peruse organizing websites.  I am nothing if not an expert procrastinator!  One site I visited that day swore by the use of a label machine.  I […]

Kid Quote

Penelope: What’s a pommel? Megan: It’s the thing that sticks up on the front of a saddle. Me: William the Conqueror was killed by a pommel.  He was thrown from his horse and he hit that pommel so hard, he died from the internal injuries. Brenna, in shock: Is Mama spouting historical facts?! Because, yeah, […]