Once an Army Family, Always an Army Family (9/365)

We went to the commissary this morning, and lo! An Army Band, playing right there in the checkout line! It was a pleasant, if odd, surprise, and we enjoyed the show!
Just as we left the commissary, we noticed a big C130 circling overhead, apparently practicing take-offs and landings. So we hurried on over to a park beside the airport where we could see the action up close. It lifted off just as we pulled alongside and we settled in to wait for it’s next run. We watched it circle round and round and then… fly off toward Louisville! Oh, well.
What is that we hear in the distance? Is it… Could it be… Oh, yes! It is! A helicopter! Well, that makes up for the plane’s abandonment. Almost. 🙂
8x10 IMG_6933
As we drove away, all of us ridiculously excited, I recalled a question Davey was asked not too many years ago. “How does your wife plan to get you out of the Army?” she’d asked. “How do I plan to get you out of the Army?” I’d retorted. “Or how do I plan to get the Army out of you?” The truth is, none of us will ever be able to let it go.

Once and Army family, always an Army family.

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  1. Beckie R. says:

    ::happy sigh:: We get really excited when we see helicopters, and even more excited when we see military ones! It’s the little things 😉

    I love you guys!

  2. Sandra Modersohn says:

    The ONLY air traffic we have here is military fly-overs. They don’t happen often. When they do, they sure to garner a great deal of attention from all of us down here in the Valley. A few days ago, I was working at my computer when the windows started rattling like crazy. The whole house was shaking and I thought it might be an earthquake. Soon, though, there was a deep rumbling that started out almost too low to hear. I looked out the window to discover that all my neighbors were pouring out onto their lawns and pointing up at the sky. So… I did the same. I wish I knew what sort of helicopters they were, but I don’t. They were HUGE… And there were eight of them. They were flying lower than most do coming over the Valley and they sure did give us a show. Wish I had thought to grab the camera. My kids even missed it because they were playing in the living room, which is about 3/4 underground and they never heard a thing.

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