3/365 And A Homeschool Milestone

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Delaney took her first ACT yesterday! She sounds like she did great, like she was pretty calm and relaxed, and she finished all the sections before the time ran out, so that’s… probably good. Anyway, it’s her first fill-in-the-bubbles multiple choice test ever. When Brenna took it, I made the mistake of using the Fort Knox testing facility. There really isn’t anything to do on or around Fort Knox for four hours, my friends, so this time, we went down to the community college in E-town. Evie and I got lots of shopping and returning and quiet hanging out together done. It was nice.

The students were due to be released at 12:15, and I told Delaney I’d be there at noon. We actually got there at a quarter of, and the test-takers were just starting to stream forth from the building. “It’s a good thing we got here early!” I told Evie. Delaney was not among the streaming students, however, so we went inside to find her. No Delaney in the lobby. Perhaps everyone else had finished and she was still frantically filling in bubbles all alone? I walked down the hall to the testing room, but it was dark and empty. The building was utterly silent and abandoned. Maybe she decided to step outside for some fresh air while she waited for me. I checked the quad on the other side of the building. There were a lot of people out there, but none of the faces belonged to my Delaney. I was just wondering what to do about my missing child – Should I wait here in the dark lobby where I told her I’d meet her? Should I go in search of her in the other buildings? Should I report her to the authorities as a missing person? – when she came traipsing out of… the bathroom! The one place I didn’t think of.

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I think this might be the eye of an ent.

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  1. Noah took the ACT yesterday, as well! He said he would have done much better on the science section if he’d had more time. Oh well, there will be many “if onlys” ahead in life!

    1. armyoften says:

      Yes, the science section is the trickiest. Hope he did well, but you’re right: there will be many, many more “if onlys”!

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