Last Sunday, cooking without a range was an amusing novelty.  This Sunday, it was getting to be a bit of a drag.  No matter, though!  We’re supposed to be picking up our new model this morning.  Getting it installed, though, is another issue, since nobody seems to install gas ranges.

We have both.  Gas and electric hook-ups, I mean.  From the local gossip, it seems the previous owner had all the gas appliances replaced because she was renting a room out to an ex-husband (there were six, I think) with an oxygen tank.  Since I prefer gas, and we have the option, and none of us is on oxygen, we decided to make the switch.

But I have another appliance problem, in that I won’t purchase anything made by Whirlpool or any of it’s sub-brands.  I have had nothing but bad experiences with their stuff.  So, basically, I was looking at GE and Frigidaire.   I’ve never had a lick of trouble with my Frigidaire appliances, and in side-by-side comparisons with GE models, the Frigidaire ranges were far superior, both in specs and customer reviews.

With a model finally chosen, I went in search of someone to sell it to me.  Lowes?  They sell it in stainless, but can’t get it in white.  Home Depot, on which site I found it?  They can get it, but don’t sell the LP gas conversion kit with it.  You must call the parts department, who will tell you there are five options and they don’t know which one you will need, so they’ll send you what will most likely be the wrong one, and you can mail it back later at your own expense to get the right one.  I cancelled that order and will not ever set foot in a Home Depot again.  Hhgregg!  They not only ordered the stove for me – in white – with the LP conversion kit, but they gave me a great price to boot!  Happy camper here.

So today, I will pick up my new range.  And then it will sit in the middle of the kitchen until I can find out who installs gas ranges.  Maybe we can get it hooked up by the new year.

Penelope got a camera for Christmas.  She's one happy camper!
Penelope got a camera for Christmas. She’s one happy camper!

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  1. If you have gas hook-up and you have a gas stove, it shouldn’t be too complicated. Maybe someone in your circle of handy farmers knows how. If I remember correctly, it involved hooking it up and using soapy water to make sure there were no leaks.

    1. Just told my husband your story and he corrected me on the LP versus natural gas issue. Hope you get it hooked up soon!

    2. armyoften says:

      I have no idea what the issue is, exactly, only that I need the conversion kit! Some places will hook up the natural gas but not the LP, and some won’t touch gas with a ten foot pole. 🙂 Anyway, we’re getting the stove today, and I found someone to come hook it up tomorrow, so all is well!

    3. Good for you!

  2. KristyB says:

    Inquiring mind(s) want to know… is your new stove hooked up and working?

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