Last Sunday, cooking without a range was an amusing novelty.  This Sunday, it was getting to be a bit of a drag.  No matter, though!  We’re supposed to be picking up our new model this morning.  Getting it installed, though, is another issue, since nobody seems to install gas ranges. We have both.  Gas and […]

Project 365: 11 and 12

I think I missed Day 10. Oh, well! Evie never sleeps during the day, and seldom at night, unless she’s comfortably snuggled in my arms. So today, when I laid her down on my bed, I prayed – oh, how I prayed! – that she’d stay asleep, just so I could photograph my sweet sleeping […]

8/365 O Christmas Tree!

We got our tree up and decorated!  It was a sorry looking thing, that tree.  “Don’t worry,” I said, “the lights and ornaments will make it look beautiful.” And they did! I used my 50mm lens, which is too close for indoors on my camera, but I didn’t feel like switching, because it’s just so […]

5, 6, and 7/365

Because I missed a couple of days. Monday, I was just busy and didn’t think about it. Tuesday, I was sick. But today, not only did I feel alright, have time, and remember, but the sun came out briefly to boot! So, three images today to catch up. 🙂 Perfection is the enemy of the […]

4/365 Mobile Edition

Alright. I cheated today. Mobile device photo. We’ll just have to live with that occasionally, okay? Today was a really good day. First, I got kissed by a nun, which always makes me feel especially loved. Second, I was shopping for a particular gift at a second hand shop, and I found it the instant […]

3/365 And A Homeschool Milestone

Delaney took her first ACT yesterday! She sounds like she did great, like she was pretty calm and relaxed, and she finished all the sections before the time ran out, so that’s… probably good. Anyway, it’s her first fill-in-the-bubbles multiple choice test ever. When Brenna took it, I made the mistake of using the Fort […]