The age-old debate: to post or not to post? Well, maybe it’s not age-old, but it is definitely a modern conundrum. I think Dy captured my plight perfectly in this post written a couple of weeks ago, right here. It’s just so hard to tell your family stories to the whole wide world when the children are older. It’s a disrespect to carry on as if they were still four, and so the blogs of us aging “mommy bloggers” go silent, or vague. It doesn’t help, either, that the modern trend toward reading on mobile devices seems to prevent easy commenting, thus making it feel as if no one is listening anyway. But that is an entirely different problem, and one I can live with.

I guess the trick is to find something else to write about, but then I also have to give up worrying about your expectations of what I’m going to write about. 😉 Therefore, it is with a heavy heart that I must officially announce my retirement from the mommy-blogosphere. Fortunately, I have a wide variety of other interests and talents, many of which fall under the “farmstead” theme, so we’re going to go there. Since I can’t talk about my kids anymore, we’ll probably just cover things like cooking, crafts, farming, preserving, tools, books, various aspects of domesticity… that sort of thing.

And since I have a deep and abiding love of photography, there will be pictures. Some of them will be of the baby. 🙂

8x10 IMG_6025

I like this image, because this is a frequent expression of hers. A note of warning, though: Do not give the baby a pine cone as a prop. It may possibly take you the rest of the evening to scrub all the sticky sap off of her. But you probably already thought of that.

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  1. yes, alas, ’tis all true. everything I write now is all anonymous: “{funny quote},” said the teen. and it’s all on FB, so gone forever…unless I don’t want it to be, and then it will appear, embarrassingly, when my child applies for a job somewhere. The reality is that these mini-grownups will have to face their peers with the modern equivalent of naked baby pictures displayed for the world to see, and while nobody minds the naked baby, a naked adolescent is not quite so cute and adorable! I do want to go back through the blog and compile some books for the kids – have them printed and bound for a keepsake. They do love the stories from growing up, so I am very glad I did it. And I guess I should try to do that more for my younger crew. But I’m too busy living life, enjoying these last few years with the big ones, trying to do some last minute sanding and buffing before launching them off.

  2. I will enjoy your new blogging as much as I have enjoyed the family blogging.
    I will miss the updates about you, Dave and my beautiful grandchildren – and the pictures – I will miss the pictures so very much.
    This blog has been a happy spot for a Mom and Grandma who is so far away.
    Love you all and wish we lived closer.

  3. I, too, feel your angst. I do sometimes still talk about my grown kids. Once they get past the teen stage and become young adults they don’t really care if I write about them (as long as it’s all the good stuff). And, of course, I mostly write about how poorly I am aging, which is what my life is all about right now, but not good reading. So, I also just do not write.

    I am fascinated by your farm life so I look forward to continued stories.

  4. Elizabeth says:

    You remain ever my favorite blogger, no matter what you’re taking about. 🙂

  5. Beckie R. says:

    I shall miss seeing pictures of the kids, too. But I do understand your dilemma…. Xox.

  6. At least you still have a lot to talk about! And I look forward to hearing it.

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