Christmas Cards Already?!

Hi, there, friends!  Lots of us only know each other online, but that doesn’t mean we care for each other any less than if we knew each other in real life.  And so, I need to ask you a favor. We really enjoy sending cards to the people we care about.  Even internet people!  If […]

Scripture Study: Isaiah

A few years ago, our parish – our whole archdiocese, actually – began participating in a small group study program called Why Catholic. Now, the whole Why Catholic program is terrible, all watered down and wishy-washy, but our group so enjoyed the fellowship and the food that we decided to keep meeting year round. We […]


The age-old debate: to post or not to post? Well, maybe it’s not age-old, but it is definitely a modern conundrum. I think Dy captured my plight perfectly in this post written a couple of weeks ago, right here. It’s just so hard to tell your family stories to the whole wide world when the […]