Kid Quote: On Royalty

“Mama,” said Penelope, whilst eying her baby sister, “Evie isn’t a princess like the rest of us. She’s a queen, because everybody always does whatever she says. Even you do whatever she says!”

Which is kind of true. Except that, at this particular moment, Rosie was bouncing Evie on her knee while I cooked dinner, and Evie was, in the grand tradition of her sister Penelope, glaring at me in an attempt to gain a changing of the guard.  Since her wants are hugs, milk, sleep, and clean diapers, it’s hard not to oblige, but she sometimes has to wait or have her commands carried out by underlings.  I think that knocks her right back down to princess.

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  1. She sure is a pretty little princess!

  2. PS Is it still warm enough for sleeveless and bare legs down there? I think that baby need a hat! 😉

    1. That was from the other day, before all this RAIN settled in, and, yes, it is still pretty warm, especially in the afternoon. 🙂 I’ll make sure she wears her hat when it’s time!

  3. Beckie R. says:

    I love the way kids see the world! And oh-so-true it is, how we dance to the tune of the baby. xox to all.

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