Kid Quote: On Royalty

“Mama,” said Penelope, whilst eying her baby sister, “Evie isn’t a princess like the rest of us. She’s a queen, because everybody always does whatever she says. Even you do whatever she says!” Which is kind of true. Except that, at this particular moment, Rosie was bouncing Evie on her knee while I cooked dinner, […]

Retro Weekend

A new feature here on the blog, as I find our old stories highly amusing. Maybe you will, too! If not, feel free to skip them. I think only like six people read this anyway! 🙂 The Mysterious Midnight Visitor It’s been happening for about a week. I wake up sometime in the early morning […]

{P,H,F,R} Zoo Edition

We sometimes – or often – get to working so hard around here that I forget to take a break and have fun with the children! The zoo is one of our favorite places, but we don’t get up there as often as we’d like.  This week, though, we’d been having a hard week and […]

A Cautionary Tale

The trouble with going out into the world is that those people have germs, and they really don’t care who they share them with. Brenna came home last week and mentioned that her coworker had hand-foot-and-mouth disease, but that the doctor had said it wasn’t contagious.  Guess what?  Oh, yes.  It’s contagious. Evie started with […]