The Baby is Asleep…For Now

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Davey saved the day! He’s got me up and running again, mostly, hopefully for now and for always.  Enough is as good as a feast, right?

We are back in school full time, as of September 1, and may I just say… It’s going so well and so smoothly, I can’t believe this is my life!  Sure, there was a lot of prep work, and yes, this is the first year I’ve had everything, and I mean everything, all pulled together before First Day, but still.  This is so Not Us.  We’re all pleasantly surprised.  (Speedy shipping of last-minute orders from several suppliers was a boon, as well. 😉 )

I attribute all of our success to Homeschool Tracker, and 14 years of homeschooling, during which time I tried many, many programs and curriculums, which, besides wasting a ton of cash, gave me a good idea of what I like and don’t like, what works and what doesn’t.  So.  I’m pretty settled in curriculum choices, and most of those choices now have lesson plans in Homeschool Tracker, sorted by grade, so all I have to do is send the plans to the appropriate children, print up a handy-dandy lesson calendar, and voila! We are organized!  I was diligent in my lesson typing last year, too, so next year should be a piece of cake.  Once again, the knowing yourself of middle-age rocks.

Did you notice that baby up there?  The six month old with fat thighs, amazing eyes, and a personality disorder?  Ha!  Actually, she’s just at that clingy stage that arrives in mid-infancy.  They call it separation anxiety, but since we’ve never-ever-even-for-fifteen-minutes been separated, I’m not sure what she has to be anxious about.  Her worries have made it so that she absolutely, positively will not nap, no matter how tired she is, because Mama might leave me while my eyes are closed!  She has amazing instincts in that regard, even when apparently in a deep slumber.  I lay her down ever so carefully, sit quietly beside her until she appears to once again be dead to the world, then tiptoe away, only to have her awake suddenly and loudly the moment I cross the threshold to another room.  She does sleep through the night, though, so there’s that.

Lately, she’s into growling, and she finds growly conversations incredibly funny.  She can also hoist her belly off the floor and sway there momentarily on hands and knees, so crawling is not too far in the future.  And she likes to make music.  Mostly with percussion instruments.  It’s all pretty amazing, and even though we’re going through a mildly frustrating stage, I’m so glad I get to be her mama.

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  1. Oh my goodness – she is beautiful. Please hug and kiss all those perfectly beautiful and wonderful grandchildren for me.
    Love you all and wish I could hug you!!!!!

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