Hello, There.

What’s up with me? I post every day for a week, then, nothing.  Silence. For two weeks. Little do you know that I front loaded nearly all those posts that week, so, really, you haven’t heard from me in three. 🙂

So what’s up with you? Are you back in school, or still doing your darndest to enjoy the last few weeks of summer before they slip entirely away? Do you have any predictions about the upcoming winter?  Do you think it’ll be mild or crazy-cold like last year?

September always feels more like a fresh start to me than January, and I’m busy, busy, busy trying to wrap up all the loose ends of this old “year” so we can move on to something fresh and new.  And I’m pretty much at the end of my rope.  (My friend Joanne says to just hang on tight. And maybe start swinging. 🙂 )

Let’s talk about something y’all are interested in, shall we?  Like Daisy!  Our prayers (and enormous doses of antibiotics) worked, and Daisy is not only saved, but thriving.  Our vet is flabbergasted.  So thank you very much!  We’re letting her rest and recover her strength for a couple of months before breeding her again, and then I plan to cross her with a beef bull.  Good heifers are hard to come by, and farmers are some of the most untrustworthy people I’ve ever met, at least when it comes to livestock sales, so we’ll just make our own.  If Daisy has a heifer, we’ll keep her and raise her and then breed HER with a beef bull, until we have a good source of farm-raised beef.  This is usually how it has to go around here.  Maybelle was a gift from God five years ago, and all the rest of our bovine goodness flows down from her.

Speaking of which, she had her calf last night.  I suspected it was coming in the morning when I milked out her mastitis-y milk, and I knew it was coming when I found her all alone in a nice quiet spot where she wasn’t supposed to be, and I was pleased to find them together later that evening, when we finally got home from picking up hay bales and settled down to milking our cows.  The calf is a girl (Thank you, Lord!) and she’s beautiful, with lots of white splashes on her legs and back and one big heart shape on her forehead.  She’s smart, too, with a gentle personality.  We’re debating names as we speak.  Both mama and baby are doing well so far, though mama is pretty mad at me for stealing her calf.  She’s not usually this upset.

The girls took their country hams to the state fair this week, where we wore ourselves out and won nothing. (Not surprised or disappointed; how do you pick an outstanding ham from among 800+ hams?  I mean, they’re hams, people!)  We’ve been blitzing thrift stores, because this is a great time of year for thrifting clothes.  And Miss Evie likes to ride in the front seat.  (More on that later.)  We’ve almost got all of our hay laid in, our children are almost dressed for the winter, and then I just have to see to our own stores.  If the winter goes poorly, I’d like to be fully stocked.

You know what I’m NOT ready for is SCHOOL!  We’re scheduled to start just after Labor Day and I have not written down a single thing.  That bodes well, don’t you think?  Yes, indeedy.  Apparently, this is not my year for fancy plans.

I’ll post some pictures for you all soon.  I’ve been having computer problems, and a lack of computer time, and it’s August and I don’t even feel like taking pictures, so there’s that, too.  And I want to talk a little bit about depression and suicide, in light of recent news, strictly through the lens of my own little journey alongside it.  There’s been some backlash about a certain article which did not offend me, even though I don’t agree with the conclusions.  I just think that if we read people’s words looking for a fight, we’ll find one, and if we read assuming some sincerity and goodwill on the part of the author, we’ll interpret in an entirely different way.

My time, lately, has been mostly hijacked by other people, and I’m getting a little weary.  This coming week, I’m planning on a zoo trip, though, if I can get my van for a whole half a day.  Hopefully, Maybelle will remain in good health and my only extra effort will be feeding her calf, which is an enjoyable occupation.  I also hope to squeeze in a bubble bath, because I think I’ve had… two since Evie was born, and I like bubble baths.

Rambly enough for you?  I’ll be back next week (or tomorrow) with photos and more targeted stories, including an inexpensive way to get instagram prints!  Print your photos, my friends!  Your children will be glad to have them. 🙂

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  1. Oh man, I think your comment about the way readers interpret things is so right on!!! We started school this past Monday, but we’re sort of easing in: just math and reading for now. I’ve heard predictions of another rough winter, but I’m mostly hoping not. Prayers for a smooth start to your school year!

  2. Good to hear from you. I hope your busy life slows a wee bit and you can fit in a bubble bath and some school planning — in that order.

    If it makes you feel better, though I have ordered and received my books, I haven’t written a single plan.

  3. KristyB says:

    Glad to hear some of the goings-on in your pastures and home life 🙂

  4. I also feel that September is more of a new year of sorts for me…I work for a university so in a sense it is the start of a new year, hence I attribute new beginnings with fall rather than winter. Your babies are so pretty (both the human ones and the cow ones). Hope everyone is healthy.

  5. Beckie R. says:

    Having spent a lifetime in schools, September also means new beginnings to me. I can never quite get into the “New Year’s Resolution” thing, because January 1 doesn’t feel important to me. It’s just right in the middle of a school year, with nothing special happening academically.

    We are still hanging on to the last days of summer -before-school-starts, though it is beginning to feel like fall here, with cool nights and very warm days. We’ve had swings of up to 30 degrees here, which is very strange for this time of year.

    Our summer has been filled with medical issues of the extended family, so we’re not doing anything too out there for summer fun. Enjoying Grandma’s pool; taking walks on the reservations; tending the garden, which is now beginning to produce something edible; chilling, barbeque-ing and staying up late 🙂

    I love you, Jennie.

  6. just curious – you take baby calves away from the mamas immediately following the birth? i know you have to wean them eventually, but didn’t realize it was so soon. would you mind explaining why?

    i know ih ave a nonfarmers soft heart, but i really am curious about the whole process lol

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