This and That – With Photos!


Tommy, holding the baby that’s almost as big as he is. Delaney was remarking, as we perused old photos, that my photography skills have greatly increased over the years.  No, said I, I just have better equipment to take bad photos with.  Case in point. 🙂


Naked baby, fresh from her bath.  Do I need a reason?


New bedsheets, which are making me ridiculously happy.  Our old ones were nearly ten years old, and still good, except for the elastic which holds them onto the bed.  And I can’t stand wrinkles in my bedsheets.  I could have just sewed on new elastic, but I desired a freshening up of the bedroom, so new sheets.  I have a can of paint, too.  There’s no telling how far I’ll go!


Davey went to New Jersey for his mother’s funeral and took two of the children with him for company, and moral support, I suspect.  With three able-bodied farm workers gone, those of us left behind have a lot more work to do, but we’re making it!  We get up in the morning, sigh, give each other hugs and high-fives and professions of awesomeness, and head out into the world.  Of course, there are certain benefits to having them away, too.  Like we can eat at the small table, because there are so few of us.  And we can have girly food for dinner, which may or may not contain meat.  And we only have to split the bottle of fruit juice five ways, instead of seven.  Aren’t we naughty?


Today, we took care of our mowing job.  Usually, Davey drives Delaney and Jon over, but Davey and Jon are gone, so I drove Delaney and Brenna over.


And Thomas, Penelope and Rosie, too, because there is no one back at home to keep an eye on them.


And let’s not forget Miss Evie!


I like this shot because it shows off her jowls.  She also has a double chin.  Or, as Brenna points out, “It’s not a chin!  It’s her neck!”  Whatever. 🙂


While Delaney was diligently mowing, we found this in the suddenly-and-inexplicably dead tree:


There are three of them in this tiny nest.  Can you see the one hidden under the down in the middle?


And a tired mama pig (I feel your pain, Lollipop…)…


…and her seven little piglets.


Because who doesn’t love farm babies?

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  1. Beckie R. says:

    I suspect you’re feeling a bit lonesome! Missing those two big kids! Grandma saw them for about 20 minutes yesterday and sent me a gushing email afterwards. 🙂 I hope Dave is bearing up well under the circumstances; and that the kids he brought along will provide the comfort and support he needs.

    xox to you.


    1. No time to feel lonely! There is approximately 10 person-hours of work caring for livestock each day. Then there is the bare-bones housework of feeding and laundering and washing dishes. And we’re not even touching the garden! Or dealing with hay! Or readying for the fair! Plus, I neglected to mention that Davey took Brenna’s car, so even though she is still here, I am back to being the local taxi service! More hours gone!

      Breathe, Jennie, just breathe………

      Three days (almost) down, four to go!

    2. Beckie R. says:

      Ahhhhhh….I see that I miscalculated! Well, then, good luck with all the extra work and such!

  2. Love your “down on the farm pictures.” Yes, babies and baby animals. That mama bird didn’t do such a great job of keeping her babies out of the elements or hide them from prey. They have grown well considering.

    Evie is growing well, too — love those baby jowls.

    I hope the next couple days fly by!

    1. The tree died in the last two weeks. Not sure how… roundup overspray? Anyway, it wasn’t the poor mama’s fault!

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