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It’s a rainy day today!  But we don’t care.  Grey skies can’t get us down!  Not when our dearest Delaney has been returned to us!  We managed our public reunion alright, but there were tears on the way home, as we all shared how we’d missed each other.  Happy sigh.

Poor Brenna spent her day yesterday driving Davey and I to doctor appointments.  Davey’s was planned, and I was supposed to take him, as he can’t drive yet since his foot surgery.  However, I’d planned to finish a chicken pen on Thursday.  An unexpected guest derailed that plan, thought, so I needed Friday to finish it, so it was agreed that Brenna would take over chauffeur duty.  At 2AM on Friday morning, however, I woke up to nurse the baby, sat up in bed, the whole world started to tip and spin.  I waited for the dizzy spell to pass, but it didn’t, and I was so unbalanced, I was scared to move the baby from her bassinet into the bed, even though they were right next to each other!  The dizziness had eased up by morning, but not gone away, making it so I had to walk carefully and also not try to focus on anything too close to my face.  So I called for an appointment because, hey, that was weird.  I have a Eustachian tube dysfunction.  Or, in laymen’s terms, my inner ear isn’t draining properly.  So.  A little Flo-nase, a little Sudafed, and I should be good to go.  (I’m not dizzy now, though I can still feel the ear pressure.)  But poor Brenna ended up driving both of us around all day.  She was very tired.  I still got my chicken coop built, though!

And Miss Evie!  She turned four months old on Thursday!  She can roll over both ways.  She is no longer content to sit quietly while we eat, unless she gets something, too, but the look on her face when she feels food on her tongue is priceless, as if she feels surprised and disgusted and pleased all at once.  She can spend forever watching ceiling fans spin and she recently fell asleep in her stroller watching the leaves in the trees overhead.  She doesn’t reach out to people, but she’ll smile and talk to anyone who looks at her.  We’re learning to sleep apart, because she’s too hot beside me in bed.  I don’t mind being hot with her, but it wakes her up unnecessarily.  So she’s been sleeping in her bassinet and is back to sleeping the whole night through.  She’s ticklish on her sides and her belly, but not under her chin.  And she likes to be startled just a little bit; it makes her laugh.  I think she’s a roller coaster girl. 🙂  And don’t even get me started on her beautiful, silvery-blue eyes.

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  1. Happy 4 month birthday beautiful and precious Evelyn. I am asking Mommy to give you kisses and hugs from a Grandma who wishes so very much that she could meet you and hold you and kiss you and just plain old snuggle a precious little bundle of joy.
    Love you Evie,

  2. Beckie R. says:

    Sounds like a whole bunch of happy going on over there 🙂 I’m smiling for you!


  3. It’s really very sad how little she is loved. 😉

  4. Evelyn is just perfect. What a beautiful baby!

    I am glad Daisy is doing better, and I hope you are all better soon, too. It’s hard to be the mama and have everyone depending on you when you’re not feeling well.

  5. Hi! We just finished listening to the second Benedict Society book. The kids loved it. My only complaint would be that throughout the book, they talked about the importance of not being like the bad guys, who stop at nothing to achieve their goal, no matter who gets hurt. But at a crucial moment, Benedict himself betrays someone in his trust. We talked about it afterwards, but I felt they could have left that out of the story and preserved Mr. Benedict’s good character. There’s my two cents!

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