Saturday Notes

It’s a rainy day today!  But we don’t care.  Grey skies can’t get us down!  Not when our dearest Delaney has been returned to us!  We managed our public reunion alright, but there were tears on the way home, as we all shared how we’d missed each other.  Happy sigh. Poor Brenna spent her day […]

A Question For You

Do you cook when you’re sad or stressed?  Brenna told me I was the only one, but I don’t believe it.  I remember September 11, 2001.  We were supposed to go to the children’s museum, but obviously, we didn’t.  It was very quiet that day, and nobody really knew what to do.  I didn’t.  So […]

This and That on a Tuesday Morning

Keep up the good work, prayer warriors!  Daisy is looking better again today, steady on her feet, though in some pain again this morning.  I gave her another shot of a pain reliever and will consult with our vet later this morning to see what we can do for her at this point.  Looks like […]

Some Pictures and Some Books

So how have you been? I’d tell you I’m still swamped here, but you already know that, so we’ll dispense with that formality. 🙂 Actually, though, I’ve read two books recently (like in the past two weeks) that I’d like to recommend. Somehow, I’ve ended up on a blogger-turned-author kick. Anyway, the first is Surprised […]