Miss Evelyn: Three Months Old








Three months! In some ways, it seems like we’ve had her forever, and in other ways – many other ways – I’m still trying to find my balance. She’s a perfect angel, though: beautiful, cheerful, portable, and affectionate. She loves her family, which is large enough that maybe she doesn’t know exactly who is in it, because she’s unusually friendly with not-family, too. She is very big – 15 pounds! – but she’s growing proportionately so she’s just pleasantly plump, not fat. She smiles all the time, and finds us amusing enough to giggle at at least once a day. She cries to be put down, not picked up. She rolls onto her side, but not all the way over. She thinks it’s funny when the dog licks her ear, or the cat rubs against her bare legs, but the sheep are scary with their sudden and uncalled for bleats. We still sleep together because she’s small and soft and snuggly, and I like the smell of her breath and the top of her head, and because she only makes a small snuffling noise when she wants me instead of crying. Evie seldom has to cry. She’s well attended.  She loves kisses, giving and receiving, but mostly receiving.  And she especially loves when we mimic her sounds, as if she’s thinking, “Finally!  Someone I can communicate with!”  She enjoys toys with faces, but occasionally gets frustrated with their unresponsiveness.  It’s funny to hear her scolding them.

And I guess that’s Evie in a nutshell!

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  1. Oh, my goodness! She is so cute. I just want to pick her up and squeeze her tight! But how can she be three months old already?

  2. Beckie R. says:

    What a little cutie! She is so big already! I’d love to see you guys! I remember Angie had an octopus toy with a face on it when she was a baby; it hung from her stroller, and whenever the face would turn to her, she’d smile and coo at it. When it turned away, she’d get all serious again. Good memories!

    Love you guys muchly!

  3. Oh my she is absolutely precious!! I can just hear her baby talk through your pictures. Babies are just complete joy!!

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