Memorial Day at Fort Knox

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It was beautifully sunny and warm by the time the ceremony began.  There was a flag ceremony, and I teared up, as I always do at least once during these affairs.  They read the names of our Duke Brigade fallen, and there were two 21-gun salutes, one with the cannon pictured second from the top, and another with rifles just behind us.  You know, if you’ve never been to a Memorial Day ceremony, or helped lay wreaths or flags on veterans’ graves, I think you should, at least once.  It’s very moving, and reminds us of the real meaning of Memorial Day.  Also, I think your local vets will like to know that their sacrifices haven’t been forgotten.  Check with your local VFW next year, okay?  Okay.


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  1. The highlight of our day was supposed to be a visit to Fort Snelling National Cemetery. Unfortunately, we kept pushing the time back and when we finally drove over, the cemetery was closed. I won’t make that mistake again! And so instead of walking amidst the waving flags, we prayed the rosary while driving past…around the perimeter of the cemetery and past thousands of grave markers. It was a tribute, but not the way I intended. I offered this little cross up for them!

  2. We had intended to bike to Ft Snelling, too, but they kept forecasting rain so we didn’t make it. My mom found out they start hanging the flags on Wednesday the week before. We’ll go on Friday before Memorial Day next year since there isn’t a whole ceremony on the Monday. It’s so busy on the main day. Going on Friday will give us a chance to visit the graves of our family who are buried there.

  3. We have done this in Fl. We went to a little local cemetery and placed flags at the soldiers graves. It was very moving and I also think so important.

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