{P,H,F,R} Catching Up Edition

Pretty is my knitting project, which is another sweater, this time for Penelope, but she won’t get it till Christmas. I will be taking it to the fair, though. I’m a bit farther along than when I took this photo. Happy is what this baby makes me. I rode along as escort to a doctor […]

Memorial Day at Fort Knox

It was beautifully sunny and warm by the time the ceremony began.  There was a flag ceremony, and I teared up, as I always do at least once during these affairs.  They read the names of our Duke Brigade fallen, and there were two 21-gun salutes, one with the cannon pictured second from the top, […]

Miss Evelyn: Three Months Old

Three months! In some ways, it seems like we’ve had her forever, and in other ways – many other ways – I’m still trying to find my balance. She’s a perfect angel, though: beautiful, cheerful, portable, and affectionate. She loves her family, which is large enough that maybe she doesn’t know exactly who is in […]