Holy Thursday at My End of the Pew

There was mostly an older crowd at Mass tonight, and so the sanctuary was unusually quiet. It wasn’t so bad when Tommy fell asleep beside me, snoring softly through his spring-induced congestion. But then Evelyn got hungry. She slurped noisily and moaned contentedly with each swallow. And I, I just kept my head down, for those slurps and moans resounded throughout the whole church!

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  1. KristyB says:

    Precious, but I feel you :). I was with my four alone and had to take the littlest out for half of Mass. The oldest was serving, so I couldn’t quite rely on his “big brother example” in the pew, which left the two middle boys with each other (5 and 8). I tried to send imploring thoughts to their little heads from the back as I watched them whisper and argue and give stares over the kneeler or the hymn book or how close one was to the other. I want to go tonight, but I’m not how well I can manage them when the service starts at bedtime… We shall see.

    1. I’m going to skip tonight and save my energy for tomorrow. It was a bit much with such a young baby, and much as I love these Holy Week Masses, they aren’t obligatory! I say skip it without remorse, if you want to. Next year, everything will be different.


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