French Revolution High School Level Study

Just out of curiosity, is anybody else interested in a high school level study of the French Revolution?  We use the Mother of Divine Grace history curriculum, but I really think the French Revolution has had more impact on our Western culture than, perhaps, the Spanish history covered in eleventh grade.  I don’t know much […]

Holy Thursday at My End of the Pew

There was mostly an older crowd at Mass tonight, and so the sanctuary was unusually quiet. It wasn’t so bad when Tommy fell asleep beside me, snoring softly through his spring-induced congestion. But then Evelyn got hungry. She slurped noisily and moaned contentedly with each swallow. And I, I just kept my head down, for […]

{P,H,F,R} We’re Underway

First, a little bloggy business:  I have a facebook page here (not under my regular email address, so you won’t find me that way) and a twitter account here.  If you’d like to friend or follow, please do.  No entry shall exceed 149 characters, and there will be no more than one per day.  🙂 […]