Party Like It’s Lent


So most people consider Lent a time of abstinence and sacrifice. We give things up – most notably dessert – in order to grow closer to Christ. We tried that for a few years, but it just made us sad. For one thing, we tend to show love with still-warm chocolate chip cookies and homemade not-quite-blue-ribbon brownies. For another, we now have as many as four birthdays likely to fall during the Lenten season. No, we try to do Lent a little differently here. Instead of focusing on giving something up, we focus on acts of service. I figure that’s more likely to result in positive post-Lenten behaviors anyway.

Today is one of our Lenten birthdays, and I thought you might like to hear our Lenten Birthday Guidelines.

1. Lenten babies are worth celebrating, too! No birthday shall be skipped or postponed unnecessarily.
2. All birthdays are considered both feast days and national holidays. Therefore, there will be no school and, if the birthday should fall on a Lenten Friday, no abstaining from meat, unless your favorite meal happens to be meatless.
3. The aforementioned guidelines are null and void if the birthday falls on either Ash Wednesday or Good Friday, which days are so solemn that Holy Mother Church requests fasting on these two days alone. In this case, the birthday shall be celebrated with all due pomp on the day immediately following.
4. If you did give up sweets for Lent, it would be uncharitable to decline a piece of birthday cake. Say thank you, eat politely, and offer up your sacrifice for the holy souls in Purgatory.


Do you have Lenten birthdays? How does your family handle them?

And now for a gratuitous baby photo. 🙂

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  1. Beckie R. says:

    Oh, yay! I always love gratuitous baby photos! You never need an excuse to put a picture of a baby in a post, you know. No matter the subject, baby pictures always go quite nicely.

    Love you and keep kissing that baby!

  2. yummy cake! adorable baby! Happy Birthday!

  3. Our Anniversary almost always happens during Lent. We give up going out to eat every year, this being the one exception!

    Keep posting those sweet baby pictures! She is so sweet!

  4. We have sometimes two Lent birthdays, depending on when Ask Wednesday falls. I have never made anyone sacrifice dessert or a party. I agree they deserve to be celebrated even during Lent! My guess is being neglected for your birthday during lent would only cause one to begrudge Lent, rather than embrace it fully for the good it does us

  5. Melissa says:

    I love these rules. My twin and I have a birthday the day after your sweet little Evelyn’s, so it is often hit or miss with Lent (or even Ash Wednesday some years), and we employ similar rules in our house. We also use food to show love and special treats as reward, so giving them up completely is tough for us, too!

  6. Christine says:

    My son is turning 16 this Friday…we are going out on thurs??!! We will still celebrate on Friday with cake etc…but he wants buffalo wild wings when we take him out to eat. Not sure if that would cause scandal if other Catholics would see us out eating meat??? I love your rules and your baby…beautiful.

    1. I hadn’t thought of eating out and causing scandal, because we seldom go out. In which case, your Thursday celebration sounds just right!

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